Therapeutic Aroma Therapy

Sheeba uses aromatherapy for her clients as and when required, to address specific health concerns. Aromatherapy is the use of medicinal or therapeutic grade plant essences that can be inhaled, applied, diffused or even ingested (like peppermint oil or oregano etc). Aromatherapy can be used to access brain areas and the emotional centres of the brain – creating balance and harmony of body – mind.

Essential oils can be a great adjunct tool to hasten healing as they do not require digestive absorption and results are almost immediate. They possess anti inflammatory, anti microbial, anti viral and detoxification properties that are a powerful aid to healing and promotes the feeling of well -being. They decrease stress and assist in better quality sleep, reduce pain and improve circulation, digestion and immune function.

Essential Oils

Oils are the most basic and essential form of aromatherapy. How to use the different types oils is important and exactly where the oil needs to be used on the body. Some oils also have multiple medicinal uses. Some popular and most accessible essential oils are peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree and lemon. Essential oil is the pure essence or extract from a plant and directly derived from nature. For example, peppermint oil can settle the stomach, focus the mind and refresh your senses and provide the cooling and calming effects.

Eucalyptus oil can soothe migraines and headaches, reduce fevers and treat respiratory issues. When using strong, un-diffused oils one should know what type of essential oil is used and how it needs to be applied. Un diffused oils when used directly o skin can cause irritation and have side-effects. Here Sheeba makes a difference as she comes with a lot of experience and deep knowledge in this area and usually administers this for her clients to achieve total wellness. Some practices involves a combination or mix of oils. For example: coconut or olive oil are mixed to form a lotion or cream to diffuse their strength and power.

There are many uses for aromatherapy depending on the healing property of the essential oil. An important element is the synergy created by blending the essential oils that produce a more powerful effect than the single oils. The use of essential oils is a real pleasure and is a great gift from the earth to assist in healing.

How to use?

Aromatherapy main uses are for health, anti-aging and beauty. Again these essential oils can be massaged into the body, inhaled through the air and diffused into cosmetic products. At times only drops of these oils are often added to air diffusers and steamers for easy inhalation to cure respiratory ailments . Add essential oils to cream/oil-based products, like lotions and shampoos, or bathe with drops of an oil in the water. Essential oils are often used in massage therapy to relieve sore and tight muscles, which is why many lotions contain a strong, natural scent of lavender or eucalyptus.

Where and how to purchase them?

Most essential oils are commonly found online through aromatherapy websites or Amazon, a fitness and vitamin store, sells essential oils and diffusers. Most chain stores, like Target or Walmart, sell essential oils in small bottles. Since essential oils are very potent and needed in small amounts, consider how often you will use the oil and consult a therapist like Sheeba who can make a lot of difference. Please also check with her to determine if the oil is pure, not a blend of oils or a “fragrance” oil. Organically grown oils are best to use because they are void of any pesticide or preservative residue. Although Sheeba does not sell any essential oils for aromatherapy, if you do consult her you will find out that she has extremely good resources from where to get them and also can provide a background check for the company or brand before purchasing the oil. Please at all times it is suggested to consult an aromatherapy expert.

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Therapeutic Aroma Therapy

Essential oils have been used for over 5,000 years and continue to be used to fast track in healing all aspects of health, emotions, sleep and mood.

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