Client's Reviews

Our clients come from all walks of life, but they all had the same common purpose, that is to improve their life and overall well-being.We are incredibly proud of the fantastic effort that our clients have put in during their journey with us. It brings us happiness and great satisfaction to see how their lives have changed, read up on their stories and hope it inspires you to do the same.


* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from person to person

I have been diabetic for 15 years and have been on insulin for the last two years. Despite good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle, my sugar levels were increasing. Sheeba checked my blood test and medical records and made a detox plan and put me on supplements for six weeks. Within three weeks, my insulin dosage had to be reduced by 6 units. After 2 months, my sugar levels were lower, my tummy fat decreased, and the pigmentation on my cheeks disappeared! All my aches and pain have vanished, and I feel twenty years younger! Thank you, Sheeba!

Ruby Atkins
71 Years old

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes Nov 2017 and had to start medication. For someone who only trusted and believed in conventional western treatment, I never believed in naturopathy or alternative therapy. Things changed when I came to understand more on naturopathy treatment and Biohackk Prime programme. I knew weight loss would help my condition, and started on a fantastic journey of transformation. I lost a total weight of 15.6 kgs!

Kenneth Chen
34 Years old

High Blood Pressure

* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from person to person

Since the birth of my first child, I became overweight and diagnosed with high blood pressure . I had to consume medications every day for the last six years by my cardiologist in Singapore. My health deteriorated; my blood pressure started to fluctuate, and my blood reports showed high levels of blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides. That’s when my cardiologist recommended me to go to Sheeba. Sheeba’s diet and the supplements she prescribed, helped me lose 10 kilos in 3 months. Grateful to Sheeba for helping me to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

32 Years old

I was also having high blood pressure and was in the preliminary stage of diabetics. An emotional eater and doesn’t have much control, especially on special occasions. Sheeba helped me understand my body which I believe is the greatest gift in the new year 2015. Over the next 4 months, my weight dropped to 93 kgs. Now my blood pressure and sugar level have normalised, and my uric acid numbers have reduced along with my fatty liver. 

Sam Monroe
37 Years old

Weight loss

* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from person to person

 I’ve had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome since I was a teenager and as a result, was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance after my first pregnancy 16 years ago. Over the years, managing my weight has become a daily struggle, even with regular exercise and watching my diet. Over the last 2 years, I've put on 10 kgs. This was when I decided to consult Sheeba who recommended I start on the Homeopathic diet program. I started with 3 weeks and decided to extend for another 3 as I saw and felt the amazing results I was getting in my body. I was losing weight at the right places (belly fat, and thighs), my body fat was going down, but my muscle mass was also building. Besides that, I was feeling good and energised, contrary to the numerous diets I’d tried in the past. My weekly visit to Sheeba was so motivating as I could see the weight and measurements improving every time. The diet is strict but still was not difficult to follow as I was not hungry at all. I am now on maintenance and feel that the food I eat suits me. I continue to maintain and even lose weight. I feel in control again. I finally feel confident about my body, but mostly I feel good and when I eat with no bloating or digestion difficulties. I was on Metformin (diabetes control medication) before starting the program, and I am off now. I feel my sugar level is under control, and I have no cravings or energy fluctuation. I am waiting for a few more weeks before I go for a complete check-up and check my insulin resistance status and other blood readings. I am very grateful for Sheeba to have guided me through this journey of transforming my health and my body!” * Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from person to person.

Valerie M
42 Years old

For 30 years, I was told by various doctors, cardiologists and other health specialists that “Oh, you should lose some weight”… yet none, not one of them ever gave me a precise road map or method on precisely what to do to «Lose weight »…!!! Not until I met Sheeba! A very good friend of mine who had been a patient of Sheeba lost 8 kg in 23 days. I was so impressed that I made immediate contact. It was one of the smartest things I did in my life. Sheeba is exceptionally knowledgeable and professional. After the first round of 23 days on the Biohackk Prime programme, 7 kg of my weight had disappeared by magic, like is had just melted away! Most of the weight loss was around the waist and the neck. But that was not the most satisfying result: my blood pressure went down from “hypertension to pre-hypertension levels” of 145/160 over 80 to “normal” levels of 125-130 over 70. It was so good that I managed to get off some medication. And the bonus: the weight has kept off me, and it did not come back! So six months later, I decided to sign up for the second round of the Biohackk Prime programme and promptly lost another 6 kg. And even my eyesight has improved from –1.75 to –1.25! Overall, with Seeba’s guidance and sound advice, I have adopted a much healthier life-style regarding nutrition and food. I want to thank Sheeba for her fantastic program, her dedication and professionalism. I have nothing but praise and no hesitation whatsoever to recommend Sheeba to anyone in need of a new approach to life-style, nutrition and wishing to off-load a few extra pounds! Thank you, Sheeba. 

37 Years old

Weight Gain

* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from person to person

After having complete confidence in Sheeba, I took my 10-year-old daughter to her in April 2017. She was beginning to get conscious about her appearance etc. My daughter loved meeting her as Sheeba gave all her attention to her & asked her about her concerns. She figured where the problem was and provided a straightforward, doable solution to us, which included some supplements and dietary improvements. 5 weeks of following it, my daughter tells me that she can feel her skin has improved, her hair feels softer and has gained 2kgs since then. She’s delighted and motivated. Thanks Sheeba, couldn’t have done it without you! 

Rene Aguilera 
42 Years old

Autoimmune conditions

* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from person to person

Biohackk Prime Programme – Since being diagnosed with Hidradenitis Suppurativa 8 years ago, I have seen numerous doctors, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and even a gynaecologist. Nothing worked for me, and my flare-ups were worse than ever. I had just about given up and committed myself to live a life of pain and humiliation when I read about Sheeba. She indeed was God sent. She recommended something so simple but overlooked by the other doctors I’d seen – a blood test! Through that, she knew precisely what was missing in my body and what was going wrong and prescribed me the right supplements. I also embarked on the signature diet as I was overweight and I lost around 8 kg in 6 weeks! My HS wound in my inner thigh has completely healed, and my injuries in the underarms are in the process of complete healing. Having suffered 8 years with open wounds and bleeding lesions, I am overwhelmed with how pain- free I am now. Thank you, Sheeba for everything and always being professional yet caring and sympathetic- qualities many professional doctors lack. Thank you for also being just a phone call or text away when I needed clarification or advice.

Gayathri N
27 Years old

Liver Conditions

* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from person to person

I was told by my medical doctors that nothing could be done about my fatty liver, definitely not reverse it and that I should always avoid fatty foods due to that. I went to Sheeba for weight loss, and instead, to my amazement, she rightly said that if we give the body what it needs, it can repair itself – and after the program with her, I felt much better, but my blood test results reflected that in black and white – My liver enzymes were within normal range! That was the gift of health for me, and I am very grateful to Sheeba for transforming my weight and health.

Joy C
38 Years old

Metabolic Syndrome

* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from person to person

For the last 4 years, I was struggling with iron and vitamin B12 deficiency and switching between supplements and injections. That could only marginally increase the levels and had to struggle with a lack of stamina and energy along with weight gain. My blood test reports were also alarming, with high triglycerides, glucose and cholesterol. My doctor threatened to put me on medications unless I showed some improvement. So I started my exercise routine only to find that it made me more tired and the weight loss was too less. So I decided to work with Sheeba. From Day 1, I had weight loss, and over the next 8 weeks, it only got better. During this time Sheeba had extended her full support 24*7 on any queries I had. I lost almost 9 kgs out of which I had lost 5.5 kg visceral fat, with an increase in muscle mass. I could feel the energy back in my body, and it all proved right when I went for my blood test with my general physician.
The first time my iron and vitamin b12 levels were high and my blood sugar and triglycerides were low and not even a single parameter was away from the mark. My doctor said she had not seen a healthier weight loss. The whole credit goes to Sheeba. The Best part about the entire program is that it’s more than 2 months since I have completed it, but I am still losing despite my regular diet, and my metabolism has become very good.. From Day one till today, I have lost 13.6 kgs, and This weight loss has not made me look sick but has made me look and feel younger. I strongly recommend Sheeba for anyone who needs a healthy weight loss. The weight loss is a winning side on, but the most important part is the reset of body nutrients, increased metabolism and a healthy lifestyle. 

43 Years old


* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from person to person

My 14-year-old son had been dealing with asthma, has a very weak immune system and digestive issues since childhood. He was tired of taking medicines and inhalers as he was sick most of the time, more so after moving to Singapore. We sought opinions from different Doctor’s, tried various medications but without any improvement in his health. That’s when we contacted Sheeba as our last hope. She took the time to look into his medical history and customised a food plan and gave him all-natural medicines. And since the last few months, he has not taken his inhalers, and he has not fallen sick. 
He also has an improved appetite and has grown healthier and bigger! God bless you Sheeba, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!! 

Neha G
27 Years old

I have had a neurogenic bladder for decades. After surgery, I was required to use a catheter 2-3 times a day, which brought on repeated urinary tract infections from time to time, especially when I travelled. This is the first time (ever) that my urine culture report had come clear, thanks to Sheeba’s recommendations. Also, this was the first time I did not have to take antibiotics when I had an infection. For me, it was beyond my expectations. What doctors could not help me with, was solved in one session with Sheeba. I strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for answers when there seem none. 

63 Years old

Anemia/ Chronic Fatigue

* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from person to person

When I first arrived in Sheeba’s office, I was exhausted and entirely drained from seeing so many different medical practitioners. I was suffering from chronic fatigue that made everything seem like a chore. In addition to this, I was also dealing with excessive thirst, damaged vocal cords, constant headaches, sore muscles and joints and terrible blood work. As a 25-year-old Primary School teacher who hates being sick, I’d spent years convincing myself that it was reasonable to return home from work too tired and drained to consider doing anything. I was sleeping for as many hours as possible, never felt rested and would frequently cry from sheer exhaustion. As the months passed and I failed to improve, I eventually took myself to see the GP. After 27 doctors appointments, numerous tests and scans and a spiralling list of diagnoses, none of which seemed related, I felt overwhelmed by everything I was being told and the fact that no one was able to connect them all. That was, until, my appointment with Sheeba. Fast forward a few months, and with Sheeba’s guidance, I now feel better than ever. I have a clarity of thought that I have never experienced before and endless amounts of energy. I wake up in the morning and no longer feel like crying because I’ll have to make it through the entire day without going back to bed. Most importantly, for me, I have the energy to want to do things. I want to do well at my job, and I want to spend time with my friends and visit my family. All those around me have noticed a difference, and many have commented on how much better I look, most notably the ‘sparkle in my eyes’. Sheeba has given me a new sense of life, and for that, I can’t thank her enough. At 25 I finally feel like I’m living and I’m so excited about what life will bring. 

Laura Westchester
25 Years old

I am 39 yrs and had been suffering from chronic low iron levels. I was on various doctor prescribed supplements and diet to improve this but to no avail as the results did not improve and I felt fatigued, and it slowed down my metabolism and made me prone to frequent illness. In May 2016 Sheeba saw my blood test and recommended non-iron supplements, and in precisely 3 months, my iron levels peaked from anaemic levels to optimal levels! I also felt a huge difference in my energy, drastic improvement in my immunity and much-improved lifestyle and a healthier me! I can’t thank Sheeba enough for this turnaround. 

Sheela Thomas 
39 Years old

Hormonal Conditions

* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from person to person

Having battled with infertility for many years and have gone through countless fertility treatments, I came to Sheeba at my heaviest in May 2014. Sheeba did an extensive analysis of my state of health and suggested many “doable” lifestyle changes with the weight loss program. All supplements I was recommended were natural, and I did not get any side effects which was amazing considering how sensitive and toxic a system I had. In 3 months, I lost 12 kilos and kept it off. My complexion and energy levels were fantastic. My monthly periods returned 1 month into the diet, and my cycle was back to normal after 5 years of being unpredictable. In September this year, we found out I was 4 weeks pregnant!! Naturally, without fertility drugs! Sheeba helped me achieve something so close to my heart, and I’m forever thankful! Thank you, Sheeba!

32 Years old

Whatever problems you have at the start and whatever doubts you have on yourself all that and a lot more is what Sheeba cures you from. Sheeba not only diagnoses any ailments that you suffer from but how you can get rid of it at the earliest. I wanted to lose 10kgs in 2 months and was very sceptical as I had PCOS. But Sheeba gave me a good understanding of how this could be done effectively and in a way that the weight does not come back unless dealt with negligence. Her quoted words were that I’d guide you 40%, but the remaining 60% is your hard work. Her guidance, follow-ups and encouragement helped me to burn 9kgs in a little less than two months. Her introduction to natural alternatives was just splendid as it works wonders with no side effects. She not only prepared me for the symptoms I would experience but would happen if I don’t follow the dosage correctly. Diet & supplements keep me healthy. Now that I have achieved my goal, I feel great but couldn’t have done it without her.

29 Years old

Digestive Issues

* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from person to person

After arriving in Japan (Aug 2019) I soon discovered that my body was responding negatively to something in Tokyo; I didn’t know if it was caused by something I was consuming, stress or some unknown allergen(s) I was exposed to. I had skin rashes, acne and weight gain, which was a devastating experience. I visited Sheeba in the hope of finding a solution to my health issues. After reviewing my blood work, we met for an extended period to develop a plan specifically for me. With my personal profile, she developed an extended dietary program that addressed my health issues. I thought the program was going to be difficult, but it was not. I found my programme to be easy, never feeling hungry or tired. After 21 days on my new regime, I lost 8 kilos! Now that I have completed the programme, my metabolism has stayed in check, and I feel good. One of the great benefits to Sheeba’s plan required me to cook and prep my food in a way that was easy and healthy. I feel more confident in my cooking skills, which has prepared me to eat healthfully in college next year. These skills, along with all the valuable nutritional information I’ve learned along the way, will be so helpful when I head off to college. I’m so grateful for Sheeba, her expertise and her guidance every step of the way. This has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Furthermore, I think every student should consider a consultation with Sheeba before heading off to college, to address and tackle their challenges of healthy living.

Joanna S
17 Years old

I came to Sheeba on a friend’s recommendation, as I had been beset with digestive problems and recurring infections for more than a year. I was tired of taking medication that addressed only symptoms, but not the root of my questions, so I decided to give a more holistic approach a try. Sheeba took the time to go through the results of various health reports with me in detail, which helped me to understand the systemic issues behind the symptoms I was experiencing. She customised a detox plan that cleared up my digestive problems within a month, and a diet plan that rooted out my recurring infection in a matter of three weeks. What surprised me was her advice to remove my metal tooth fillings, which proved to be a transformation point not only for my digestive system but also in terms of my energy levels. I now have a much better quality of rest and am in the second phase of our plan to continue building up the strength of my digestive system. As Sheeba is trained in a variety of therapy techniques, I also benefitted from a craniosacral therapy session with her to release tension in my spine. Working with Sheeba has helped me to address my health issues in a comprehensive manner, which I believe will have sustained, long-term benefits. Thank you, Sheeba!

29 Years old


* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from person to person

I came to see Sheeba because my periods were going a little haywire. The results I got from working with her were more than expected, a pleasant surprise! I have had melasma (dark skin patches on the face) for over a decade, for which I tried expensive pico laser, hydroquinone creams and more, spending well over thousands of dollars but nothing improved it. It would lighten, then darken again. So I had already given up on that issue when I went to see Sheeba. She was very thorough with my assessment, and I was amazed by how accurate and detailed her blood test reading was. I started as per her recommendations, and within a month, I already saw improvement with my periods. Still, in the following months, I began to notice my melasma was fading. By month three, it was almost invisible – and I had done nothing specifically for it! It was then that I truly believed what Sheeba was saying all along. That the body is connected and when one thing improves, other things will follow. This direct experience made me feel so grateful, and I insisted on writing a testimonial for her in the hope that more people can benefit from her. It has not only helped me physically but has also boosted my self-confidence. I am genuinely grateful, Thank you Sheeba! 

Nicole S
44 Years old

When I came to see Sheeba 2 years ago, I had spondylosis, childhood psoriasis, food sensitivities with candida overgrowth and was also experiencing hormonal swings all by age 38. The doctors did not have a cure for any of these conditions, which turned out to be a blessing. The reason why I took two years to write this testimonial is that it has been a fantastic journey of healing with Sheeba, culminating in ALL my issues in effect being cured. 
My childhood psoriasis was clear! I also was told by a medical intuitive that my body was much better than it has ever been. What a splendid gift! Thank you, Sheeba from the bottom of my heart. I will continue to recommend you to all I know because what you do – doctors simply can’t. I recommend everyone to follow her advice on all aspects with an open mind as she has a wealth of knowledge that gets to the roots of the issues. Bless you, Sheeba please do continue this work and help others.

Serina Baxter
41 Years old