Health Assessments

Sheeba requires her clients to go through a health assessment so she can fully understand their underlying conditions. The results act as the blueprint for Sheeba to formulate a customized protocol that best addresses the client's total well being.

Health Assessment

Compatibility Test

In the Compatibility Test, it is a non-invasive procedure (great for kids) that uses your hair sample. It helps determine at a cell level which foods and household products may be creating inflammation. It is different from a regular food allergy blood test. Find out why this is better!

Health Assessment

Dutch Test

Dutch Test is the simplest and informative test for anyone who is considering bioidentical hormone therapy, natural protocols, or suspect they may have a hormone-related challenge

Health Assessment

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

To understand the underlying biochemistry is the first step in your health journey with Sheeba. Based on this in depth, one of a kind analysis, she will customize a protocol to optimize health with your goals.

Health Assessment

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

This assessment uses your hair (non-invasive) to assess mineral and vitamin levels, determine any metabolic, hormonal or toxicity issues. It is great for children or adults who need more information than their current assessment.