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Leafy Assassins

August 4, 2020
The Nutritionist

Vegetarian food isn’t always healthy—especially when fried, covered in oily batter, or drenched in starchy sauces.

Ask before you order: Is the sauce cornflour-thickened or seaweed-based? Avoid the former.


Faux Flesh

Vegetarian roast duck contains 100 more calories, 12 g more fat, and 555 mg more sodium than an equal portion of real duck, according to the Health Promotion Board. Mock meat lacks nutritional value as it’s highly processed; the high temperature that causes the meaty texture removes any health benefits of the original ingredients. 


A simple rule of thumb: Avoid eating it if you don’t know where it’s from

Go for steamed vegetables, as more nutrients are retained, when you're dining at a vegetarian restaurant (even boiling leaches vitamins from vegetables). For protein, eat tofu, mushrooms, lentils, and beans. Also, vegetarians should consume more B complex vitamins as their diet lacks it.

Sourced by Men's Health Magazine

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Clients testimonial, over 1,000 clients have gone through it.

Richard J . Lang

An incredible volume of knowledge packed into a manageable size book. Read it through and also use it as a handbook or guide. The material is heavily based on science, but presented in such a way as to function as a checklist. This book is downright fascinating, too. If you desire a longer, healthier life, this book would be a good starting point

Doug Sandler

Great tool box filled with ways to make your life healthier. Thank you Sheeba. I never seem to make the time to learn about the importance of wht goes into my body. Life's problems cannot be fixed by taking a pill. Let's get to the root of it with Edible to Incredible.

Dr Annika

This book is packed with important information on what to eat and what not to eat. It is about how to think around food and not only talk about calories (energy) but more about nutrients. We need a shift in what we eat in the western society and this books gives you very good giudance.

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