Beyond Food Allergy Testing

August 25, 2020
The Nutritionist

I have client sending me their extensive (not to mention expensive!)  food allergy reports all the time. Then they also share with me that some items they know they are allergic to did not show up in the test. Hold it! Wait. I do not promote food allergy testing for exactly this reason. They are expensive,results change every 3 – 6 months and they do give you false positives and false negatives.

Which means that every time you do a food test, new items may show up (does this mean the food you were adviced to eat for the past 3 months is now a banned food?) and is not reliable due to the high false negatives. As a responsible practitioner, I have tried to dissuade clients from doing such tests, as I inevitably find that they mislead the client and practitioner and still many health concerns go unresolved even after following the avoid protocol based on the report.

Also, we know from our own experience that as an example, our bodies may tolerate a food say tomatoes but it may have a totally different effect in the body when eaten cooked or raw, or combined with other foods. The food testing cannot test all these permutations and combinations.

When more practitioners like me who were not getting real results or answers, the Food Compatibility Test was created, with 30 years of research backing it. Typically, food allergy testing is a blood test and this is used to test a list of foods.

In the Compatibility Test, it is a non-invasive procedure (great for kids!) that uses your hair sample. The good news is that not only is this test limited to foods (over 600) but also tests everyday household products that may be triggering inflammation.

So how is this different and is it accurate?

When using hair, it is really testing how your cells are reacting to the product. There is a sophisticated equipment that tests the electrical systems of the product with that of your cells (from your hair sample). Every cell in your body needs electrical stimulation to function correctly. Incompatible foods and products can interfere with this electrical stimulation, preventing healing and increasing inflammation. Every food,product and our own cells, each one has their own unique electrical signatures and the equipment allows to determine what the positive or negative influence of that food or household product is. It tells us if those foods or products are really compatible with your body or if they are creating inflammation or aggravating existing symptoms.

Once we have the compatibility test, it allows us to focus on the foods and products that do work, so the body can start the cellular healing work.

The Naturopathic model has always focused on finding the cause and starting therapy from that level. Problem is, cellular function and damage usually starts well below symptom level and it can be very difficult at times to locate this starting point. By feeding the body in this manner we are stimulating the body’s natural ability to locate the starting point and repair from that point forward and in the correct order for each person.Our program allows the body to repair in whatever order it chooses, for example, a client may present with one major symptom and several other symptoms. In some cases, the major symptoms disappear first.

In other cases, the major symptom may be the last to disappear because the body is repairing other areas that contribute to the major symptom.


Compatibility testing forms a strong platform which will support your existing therapies to gain the most benefit for you. It does not replace your existing therapies but rather enhances their effects. In most cases customized supplements are necessary to help repair cellular damage caused by long term poor cellular function.

What the others had to say about their sessions with Sheeba

Clients testimonial, over 1,000 clients have gone through it.

Richard J . Lang

An incredible volume of knowledge packed into a manageable size book. Read it through and also use it as a handbook or guide. The material is heavily based on science, but presented in such a way as to function as a checklist. This book is downright fascinating, too. If you desire a longer, healthier life, this book would be a good starting point

Doug Sandler

Great tool box filled with ways to make your life healthier. Thank you Sheeba. I never seem to make the time to learn about the importance of wht goes into my body. Life's problems cannot be fixed by taking a pill. Let's get to the root of it with Edible to Incredible.

Dr Annika

This book is packed with important information on what to eat and what not to eat. It is about how to think around food and not only talk about calories (energy) but more about nutrients. We need a shift in what we eat in the western society and this books gives you very good giudance.

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