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Ageing Is Inevitable, But It Can Be Slowed Down.

August 20, 2020
The Nutritionist

We associate ageing with wrinkles, weakness, dementia, helplessness, and nursing homes. But communities exist where people live disease-free and are very active till 120 years of age.


Whom are we referring to?

National Geographic found many centenarians—who had vigorous mental powers, excellent memory, and a delightful sense of humour—in the mountains of Caucasus. They are the Abhkasians. Upon thorough physical check-up, the doctors were astonished to find that the elders had perfect eyesight,walked erect, and suffered no degenerative diseases.

Similarly, in the sacred valley of Vilcabamba in Peru, people lived well over 100—without the in capacities of old age.


How is it possible? It’s simple.

  • 70% of calories were from carbohydrates
  • Minimal fat intake of about 17% from nuts and seeds
  • Food was either lightly boiled or steamed
  • Fruits and vegetables were plucked just before cooking or eating
  • The males ate a 1,900 calories diet
  • Only 1% of their diet was meat


  • Lots of walking and climbing
  • The elders were cared for and revered
  • Consistent gratefulness, and celebrations with music and dancing
  • They laughed often, and they didn’t hurry

So what?

We can still enjoy great health without isolating ourselves in the mountains. We should exercise more, eat more plant-based foods, and take supplements when necessary.

Reference by John Robbins inspiring book, 'Healthy at 100 How to extend your life and stay fit!'

What the others had to say about their sessions with Sheeba

Clients testimonial, over 1,000 clients have gone through it.

Richard J . Lang

An incredible volume of knowledge packed into a manageable size book. Read it through and also use it as a handbook or guide. The material is heavily based on science, but presented in such a way as to function as a checklist. This book is downright fascinating, too. If you desire a longer, healthier life, this book would be a good starting point

Doug Sandler

Great tool box filled with ways to make your life healthier. Thank you Sheeba. I never seem to make the time to learn about the importance of wht goes into my body. Life's problems cannot be fixed by taking a pill. Let's get to the root of it with Edible to Incredible.

Dr Annika

This book is packed with important information on what to eat and what not to eat. It is about how to think around food and not only talk about calories (energy) but more about nutrients. We need a shift in what we eat in the western society and this books gives you very good giudance.

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