Her Business

“The true way to render ourselves happy is to love our work and find in it our pleasure.”


  • Holistic Sheeba used to work as a full time naturopathic consultant for Verita Advanced Wellness Pte Ltd for over 3 years, which offers all the latest possible modalities in alternate care, with complete health assessment, consultation with naturopaths, nutrition, pilates, yoga, sonic gym, massages, gourmet vegan cafe, all under one 17,000sq ft roof, with state of the art equipment and the best that technology and natural healing has to offer.
  • Corporate She is an engaging speaker, giving talks and presentations, conducting workshops to corporate employees all over Singapore, including Singapore General Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Gleneagles, East shore Hospital, DSTA (Defense Science and Technology Agency), Republic Polytechnic, WINGS, various schools, etc.
  • Research She is the consulting nutritionist for Men’s Health Magazine (Singapore) for their Nutritionist’s column and contributes researched nutrition related articles regularly in the magazine, and to other media as well.
  • Passion She has a steady private clientele where she does one to one sessions if the client can’t come to her, she goes to them. She believes in remaining a student and continuing the journey of inquiry and study in all fields that holistically support health.
  • Touch In search of a complete holistic approach, Sheeba experienced Biodynamic cranio sacral therapy and decided to learn it from a renowned teacher, Leonid Soboleff. It is a beautiful and very gentle touch that helps the body heal and align, which needs to be experienced, whose mechanics are based on quantum physics.
  • Evolution personally in search of the highest, Sheeba read Dr Eric Pearl’s book, The Reconnection – Heal Others Heal Yourself. She took the seminar with him and is now a Reconnective Healing Practitioner. This to her is the highest form of healing a person can receive, that completely transcends energy healing and its complex rituals and techniques.



Sheeba Majmudar is the author of
“Edible to Incredible”
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The book offers an invaluable insight from a wholistic health care professional to empower 
the reader on how to improve health by identifying root issues and much overlooked blind spots by the medical profession. It takes all types of readers – from beginners to hard core health nuts to the next level of health.
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