Advanced Blood Chemistry Analysis

This would be my first choice and recommendation to start a customized health program for the adult age group.


This goes beyond just a functional blood test analysis, where the summary of the test results very accurately indicate organs or body systems that are stressed. Just to give some insight into this assessment: I used this assessment for a female client. It revealed stressed liver and ovaries. She had not mentioned any hormonal issues to me, so upon questioning her, she was surprised that a blood test picked up this detail. She explained that a long time ago she had poly-cystic ovaries but had taken some medications and was told that her cysts were so small now that they were not a medical issue any more. She had forgotten to mention it as she thought it was a thing of the past. Well, she still needed to work on it as it was still ‘there’. What a blood test can tell you is amazing, and is very well explained in this video: